Understanding LG’s Multi-V Serial Number Nomenclature

Understanding LG’s Multi-V Serial Number Nomenclature

How Do You Tell the Age of an LG Multi-V Unit?

When I was a child, I asked my mother’s friend how old she was. Instead of getting an answer, I got a dirty look.

And while it may not be polite to ask your mother’s friend her age, we won’t be offended if you ask us the age of the LG unit you’re working on. But here’s the thing: you don’t have to. The answer is right in front of you.

LG lists the model number and serial number on every outdoor unit, which is known as the condenser. And they list the model and serial number on every indoor unit, known as the evaporator. You can find the LG model number and LG serial number on the face OR side of any LG unit (Indoor or Outdoor).

Below is a picture of what the sticker will look like on an LG HVAC Condenser Outdoor unit. Note how the model number and serial number are on different stickers.

Looking at the serial number, you can tell the age of an LG HVAC Unit by using the below nomenclature.

Example Unit:

Model # ARUM216DTE5

Serial # 804KCPY43321

The first digit tells you the Year of Manufacture of LG Air Conditioning systems. LG serial numbers do not include the decade, so we need to critically think and use other clues to determine the decade. The example above indicates the year is either 2018 or 2008. (More on this later).

The 2nd and 3rd digits tell you the Month of Manufacture of LG Air Conditioning systems. 01 is January, 02 is February, 03 March, etc. The example above indicates a manufacture date of the 4th month (April).

The first letter in the serial number, tells us the Country of Origin. In this example, the unit was made in Korea which is where Multi-V systems are currently built.

The remaining characters are used for internal documentation at LG.

So, how do we tell if the above example is manufactured in April of 2018 or April of 2008? To determine the decade, the best way is to look at the generation of the unit, found in the last digit of the model number. There are currently four generations of LG Multi-V units and every model will either end in 2 (2nd Generation), 3 (3 rd Generation), 4 (4th Generation), or 5 (5th Generation).

Based on the 5 at the end of the model number, telling us it’s a recent 5 th Generation unit, we can safely assume it’s from 2018. If it were a 2nd Generation unit, we’d be safe to assume it was from 2008.

And there you have it. You’ve cracked the code. (If you can’t seem to crack the code, we won’t judge. Email parts@rapidhvacparts.com or call us and we’ll assist.)