LG Shipping Explained

LG Shipping Explained

Everything You Need To Know About How LG Multi-V & DFS Parts Ship

“I know more about how LG parts ship than I do about my own children” – Rapid HVAC Parts Employee

We have been ordering LG parts for VRF and DFS units for over 10 years. Because of that, we know everything there is to know about how LG parts ship. After reading this article, you can add “LG Parts Shipping Expert” to your LinkedIn page.

When you order an LG part or accessory from Rapid HVAC Parts, your order will ship directly from LG.

You probably want to know two things:

  1. ) How much will it cost to ship?
  2. ) When will you get your order?

The answer to the first question is easy: Any LG part ordered from our site will always have free shipping. Whether it’s a 0.1 pound thermistor or a 100 pound compressor, you won’t be charged for freight.

When will you get your order depends on what it is. Here is a breakdown:

All LG parts (except compressors): LG ships all parts (except compressors) via Next Day Air. They use FedEx or UPS, depending on the part. The time the order was placed will dictate if LG gets the order out the door the same day via next day air, or the next business day via next day air. So, you would see your LG parts order in 1-2 days.

Compressors: If it’s a compressor, LG will ship it via an LTL ground freight carrier (which is FedEx Freight most of the time). We usually see the transit time take about 5 days. Why LTL ground freight? Even though most of the compressors are 100 lbs or less, in order to prevent damage in transit, LG will ship the compressor strapped to a wooden pallet via an LTL Freight carrier. If your shop/office already gets regular FedEx Freight deliveries, FedEx Freight probably won’t call to schedule a delivery appointment. But, if it’s rare that you get a FedEx Freight shipment, their dispatch office will probably call you to make sure you can accept the delivery. (This is why we need your phone number when you place an order). Unfortunately, LG doesn’t currently offer any expedited/next day options for compressors.

Accessories (Controls): LG considers accessories to be thermostats, AC Smarts, Dry Contacts, LGMV Tools, or any controls related product. These items ship via FedEx or UPS ground, and generally take about 5 days in transit.

A Note About Residential Deliveries: You can ship to a residential address, but we’ve found that residential deliveries often occur later in the day. For example, when shipping to your shop, FedEx will deliver by 3PM (often much earlier). But, when shipping to a technician’s house, FedEx will deliver by 7 or 8PM. Keep that in mind if the part is needed urgently.

Do You Need To Sign For It?

  • LG parts DO NOT require a delivery signature.
  • LG compressors, because they ship via a freight carrier, DO require a delivery signature.
  • LG accessories DO require a delivery signature.

Where Do LG Parts Ship From?

  • All LG parts & compressors ship from LG in Alabama or California, depending on their stock levels and the delivery location.
  • All LG accessories ship from LG in Georgia.

What To Do If There’s Damage

It’s rare to have damage, but it has happened over the years every now and then. There are two types of damage: freight damage and concealed damage.

Freight damage: If the box or pallet comes in and it looks like it’s taken a beating and the part is damaged, please note the damage with the freight carrier when accepting the delivery. You can take photos of the damaged box and damaged part and send them to us and we’ll work with LG to get a replacement sent out. Pictures can be emailed to parts@rapidhvacparts.com. We’ll work with you to return the broken part, if needed.

Concealed damage: This is when the box looks perfect, you open the box, and find the part is damaged. Send us a photo of the undamaged box and the broken part, and we’ll work with LG to get a replacement sent out. Pictures can be emailed to parts@rapidhvacparts.com. We’ll work with you to return the broken part, if needed.

You now have a certification in LG Parts Shipping. Congratulations!

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