Comparing LG's PACP5A000 and PACS5A000 Central HVAC Controllers

Comparing LG's PACP5A000 and PACS5A000 Central HVAC Controllers

Take Control of Building Efficiency: Exploring LG's Central Controllers

For commercial buildings and multi-residential properties, centralized control over HVAC systems is essential for optimizing energy usage, occupant comfort, and operational costs. LG offers two powerful central controller solutions - the PACP5A000 and PACS5A000 - each designed to streamline HVAC management. Let's take a closer look at these controllers and how they compare. 

PACP5A000: Intuitive Control for Larger Facilities

The PACP5A000 is LG's premium central controller, ideal for large-scale commercial applications with extensive HVAC networks. This is often referred to as the LG ACP. This robust system allows facility managers to monitor and control up to 256 indoor units across 64 systems from a single, user-friendly interface.

Some key features of the PACP5A000 include:

  • Graphical floorplan view for easy unit identification and control
  • Scheduling capabilities to optimize HVAC operation based on occupancy patterns
  • Energy monitoring tools to track consumption and identify efficiency opportunities
  • Multi-site management for overseeing multiple buildings from one controller
  • BACnet integration for seamless connection with building management systems

The PACP5A000 replaces the older, obsolete models PQNFB17C1, PQNFB17C2 & more. 

PACS5A000: Streamlined Control for Smaller Properties

For smaller commercial buildings or multi-residential properties, LG's PACS5A000 central controller offers a streamlined and cost-effective solution. This is often referred to as the AC Smart. While more compact than the PACP5A000, this controller still provides comprehensive monitoring and control over up to 128 indoor units across 64 systems.

Key features of the PACS5A000 include:

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface for easy operation
  • Remote control capabilities via web browser or smartphone app
  • Weekly scheduling to optimize HVAC performance based on occupancy patterns
  • Error notification and diagnosis for efficient maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Energy monitoring to track consumption and identify savings opportunities

The PACS5A000 replaces the older, obsolete models PACS4B000, PQCSW320A1E, PBACNA000 & more. 

Compare and Contrast

To help determine the best fit for your project, let's compare and contrast the PACP5A000 and PACS5A000 central controllers:

Feature PACP5A000 PACS5A000
Max Indoor Units 256 128
Max Systems 64 64
Graphical Floorplan View Yes No
Scheduling Advanced with occupancy patterns Weekly schedules
Energy Monitoring Detailed consumption tracking Basic tracking
Multi-Site Management Yes No
BACnet Integration Yes Yes
Remote Control Web browser, smartphone app Web browser, smartphone app
User Interface PC software Touchscreen


While the PACP5A000 offers more robust features and scalability for larger facilities, the PACS5A000 provides an excellent blend of control, convenience, and value for smaller commercial or multi-residential properties.


Both the PACP5A000 and PACS5A000 have Optional Accessories that we also keep in stock at

Optional Accessories:

PI‐485 V‐Net Interface Adapter for DFS ‐ PMNFP14A1
PI‐485 V‐Net Interface Adapter for ERV ‐ PSNFP14A0
I/O Module ‐ PEXPMB000
Power Distribution Indicator (PDI) ‐ PQNUD1S41

No matter which LG central controller you choose, you'll enjoy streamlined HVAC management, increased energy efficiency, and improved occupant comfort across your building(s). Explore these cutting-edge solutions at today.

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    Thank you for the detailed Blog! this is more info than my sales rep could every provide! Question for you…can you have more than one acp or ac smart per building?

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